7 Most popular courses on Sisu

Sisu is one of the main ways to enter college. Every year thousands of vacancies are offered and all are free for those who got a good grade in Enem. But, what are the most popular courses at Sisu? That’s what we’ll talk about here, so you can learn a little more about this program.

There are some courses that are really quite disputed, so it is important to keep an eye on the daily update of the notes, to always be within the cut note and win the long-awaited vacancy. Is the course you want one of the most popular? Find out now.

What is Sisu?

The Unified Selection System, known as Sisu, is a Federal Government program that offers thousands of places at federal, state and municipal universities twice a year. In other words, it is an opportunity to study for free in public higher education institutions.


Like the University for All Program (Prouni), Sisu also depends on the National High School Exam (Enem) score. Thus, the participants are classified according to the grade obtained in the previous year’s test. Sisu is held every year in the first semester and in the second semester.

Every day the Ministry of Education (MEC), during the night, updates the grades to win a place at Sisu. Thus, all candidates can change their preferences, ensuring that they will be within the cut grade. However, they will only know if they succeeded after the last day was closed.

It is important to note that here we will talk about the most competitive in the ratio of number of candidates per vacancy offered in the Sisu process. It is not related to the most popular courses, where the gross number of enrolled students is taken into account.

1 – Biomedical Sciences

Ciências Biomédicas

The Biomedical Sciences course was the most competitive of the first semester of Sisu in 2020, the candidates had to win another 145.1 candidates to win their places. By far it occupied the first position when the subject is competition, winning with surplus the second place that will be presented next.

It does not mean that it was the course with the most enrolled students, but it did mean the course with the most interested people per vacancy. The average cut grade in Brazil was 730.63, there are only 23 courses in all of Brazil with vacancies through Sisu, so the strong competition. Known as Biomedicine, professionals work in biology and human health.

  • Competition: 145.1 registered for a vacancy

2 – ABI Physical Education

ABI Physical Education

A very popular course that employs thousands of professionals in Brazil, Physical Education remains on the rise and presented 105.7 candidates for a vacancy in the first half of 2020. The average cut score was not the highest, with 641.79 points, and the course is offered at 139 institutions in Brazil.

The Physical Education course is divided between Bachelor’s and Bachelor’s degrees, it is the student who chooses which of the two will follow and maintain their career. It is possible to be a teacher in the classroom or to work in gyms or as a personal trainer, it is an area that has gained a lot of prominence at a time when people are looking for improvements in the quality of life.

  • Competition: 105.7 registered for a vacancy

3 – Textile and Fashion

Textile and Fashion

The Textile and Fashion course appears in the third position among the most competitive in Sisu in 2020, with one vacancy for each 93.9 candidates. It is an area that has been gaining importance on the national scene, so the number of interested parties was quite high compared to the opportunities offered by Sisu in the first half.

The professional trained in Textiles and Fashion can work in the control and operation of processes in the areas of spinning, weaving and textile processing. He is a professional capable of working in the standardization, knitting, finishing and dyeing of the chosen fabrics.

  • Competition: 93.9 registered for a vacancy

4 – Superior of Audiovisual

Superior of Audiovisual

The fourth position is occupied by a surprising course, Superior of Audiovisual, which had a place for every 82.1 enrolled in Sisu during the first semester. It is very high competition, but it is justified by the low number of alternatives in relation to the institutions that offer this course. With few vacancies and a lot of dispute, the index goes up.

The trained professional will be able to develop techniques for artistic functions in several areas, such as scriptwriting, production, capture and image processing, as well as direction and sound. There are several compulsory subjects that are part of the grid of this course, allowing students to deepen their knowledge.

  • Competition: 82.1 registered for a vacancy

5 – Physical Education and Health

Physical Education and Health

Look at her again in the top 7 most popular courses at Sisu, only this time it’s Physical Education and Health, and not in a wide area. In this case, the competition is one place for every 78.5 registered. The number of people wanting to do physical education remains very high throughout Brazil, perhaps because the performance of these professionals only increases.

Whoever studies this course becomes a professional focused on solving people’s solutions regarding health and fitness, all through physical exercises. No one doubts the ability of physical activities anymore, so these professionals can even choose the job they want.

  • Competition: 78.5 registered for a vacancy

6 – ABI Nursing

ABI Nursing

The Nursing course remains among the most interesting and disputed, in the Sisu of the first semester of 2020, 69.2 were enrolled for each of the vacancies offered. This noble profession continues to appear with a good appreciation, that is why so many people compete for their places, including getting above Medicine.

  • Competition: 69.2 registered for a vacancy

7 – Medicina


Medicine is the most popular course in Brazil, but not the most popular. Let’s explain, in the first half there were 59.9 enrolled for each of the available places, a very high number. Even so, the number of interested parties increased from 150 thousand, only that there are many vacancies, different from the courses mentioned above, where the number of opportunities is not so great.

Many people dream of studying medicine to be able to work for health and help save lives. In addition, the salary that doctors earn every month is another differential that serves to attract many interested parties, so the medical course appears among the most competitive in Sisu and is also one of the most sought after.

  • Competition: 59.9 registered for a vacancy

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7 Most popular courses on Sisu

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