FMU College – How it works, Courses, Units and much more!

Founded in 1968, the University Center of Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas (FMU) offers high quality higher education courses in the scientific, cultural, technological and humanistic areas. Since 2014, the University Center has joined the international education network Laureate, which today comprises more than 38 higher education institutions worldwide. There are more than 80 undergraduate courses, 117 Lato Sensu graduate courses and 3 Strictu Sensu courses.


The pillars that solidify the FMU University Center today are: excellence in teaching, infrastructure and operational intelligence, excellence in customer service, generation of student employability and process management. Always based on these five points, FMU has established itself and built its tradition of more than 50 years.

FMU College

Graduation course

The more than 80 undergraduate courses are distributed in 8 major areas, which are: 1. Arts, design and fashion; 2. Health sciences; 3. Communication; 4. International law and relations; 5. Education; 6. Engineering, architecture and information technology; 7. Hospitality and gastronomy; 8. Business.

Postgraduate courses

FMU offers MBA and specialization courses divided into 9 areas: 1. Arts, Architecture, Design and Fashion; 2. Health Sciences; 3. Communication; 4. Right; 5. Education; 6. Engineering and Technology; 7. Business; 8. Business – Business School São Paulo; 9. Tourism and hospitality

FMU College

Some examples of courses offered are: literacy and literacy, commercial architecture and visual merchandising, communication and fashion production, human rights, gender and sexuality, applied statistics, corporate finance, among others.


There are 9 physical units spread over 5 neighborhoods in the city of São Paulo: Vila Mariana, Liberdade, Morumbi, Vila Tramontano and Vila Nova Conceição.

Highlights of the FMU University Center

For every 10 students, 8 have already gained employment in the area. In addition, 83% of teachers have already qualified as masters and doctors, in addition to being considered references in the market. According to the University Ranking of Folha (RUF), in 2018, 13 courses are among the top 5 in São Paulo.


In addition, the Centro Universitário FMU has a highly qualified library system. It has an integrated system that has a central library, located at the Liberdade Campus, in addition to sector libraries, specialized in the areas related to the courses offered in each campus. Its main function is to provide pedagogical and referential support to the activities of teachers and students, collaborating with the pillars of teaching research and extension.

FMU College

It also has exclusive access to several national and international virtual libraries, in addition to online journals. Finally, we can summarize thus the Library System of the University Center FMU: there are about 250 thousand volumes, more than 1,200 titles of printed periodicals, and more than 5,000 multimedia (videos, DVD and CD-ROM), in addition to more than 15,000 ebooks.

How to enter?

There are several options for those interested in joining the FMU University Center!

ENTRANCE EXAM: There is the “digital entrance exam” option, where you can take the test without leaving home, taking advantage of the safety and practicality of your environment. In addition, you receive your free registration and 50% discount on scholarships.

ENEM: Another option is through ENEM, where you can take the test applied by MEC, in which the better your grade, the bigger your scholarship (you can even get 100% scholarship and free enrollment.

TRANSFER : For those who are studying elsewhere and want to integrate the excellent number of students at the Centro Universitário FMU, the possibility of transfer is offered with full use of the subjects, starting from the semester in which you stopped. Free registration and a 50% scholarship are guaranteed for the entire course.

RETURN TO FMU : And for those who have already attended the University Center, stopped for some reason and today want to return, free enrollment and a scholarship of up to 50% are guaranteed until the end of the course.

If you are concerned about your education and / or intend to enter a specialized job market, the Centro Universitário FMU is certainly an excellent option. You choose your way of studying (face-to-face, semi-face-to-face, distance learning) and with values ​​accessible to everyone. You are interested? Take advantage of the exclusive promotion available for a short period: free registration, 50% scholarship in the 1st year of the course and another 30% scholarship in the rest of the course! Access and register!

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FMU College – How it works, Courses, Units and much more!

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