Get to know the University of Santa Marcelina entrance exam!

The Faculty of Santa Marcelina is offering Higher Education, of high quality, with the premise of developing all its students in an environment that can privilege a training that is integral and that is not just for work but for life, with much more teaching, practices and achievements for your students.

There is an essence in this faculty, which is to recognize the expectations and needs that are of the new generations, building bridges between the different worldviews, cultures and traditions, that are of our society, through the development of its students, with the capacity to recognize integrally or to build knowledge.

The knowledge acquired by its students is for a successful job or for life, with the encouragement of creativity, a lot of innovation, ethics and solidarity, so that the training of professionals who have a spirit of citizenship is always provided. It is a college that has been on the market since 1929.

Santa Marcelina College Courses

Its courses can be undergraduate, graduate and extension, in the most diverse courses, which can be found in the scientific, technological, health, management, artistic and cultural areas. In this faculty there are many initiatives that go in the area of ​​health, with many exhibitions and exhibitions, in addition to having a high quality faculty.

Undergraduate courses can be administration, visual arts, bachelor of music, accounting sciences, higher education in radiology technology, nursing, physiotherapy, graduation in plastic arts, graduation in music, medicine, fashion, nutrition, technology in aesthetics and cosmetics.

Santa Marcelina College

In graduate school, her courses can be in fashion and creation, rehabilitation, health auditing, popular singing: creation, music production and performance, culture and fashion history, nursing in the operating room, anesthetic recovery and central sterilized materials, nursing in pediatrics and neonatology, intensive care nursing, clinical engineering, etc.

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In extension courses the options are: art in audiovisual, construction of the scene: from Greece the catwalks, photography breaking taboos, the history of naked photography, the architecture of the body, creative sewing of skirts, creation of characters, fashion culture , industrial / fashion design for international projects, social entrepreneurship and many other extension courses.

Santa Marcelina 2021 entrance exam

Registration is open and through the institution’s website. The registration period is from 09/22/2020 to 02/13/2021 or until the vacancies are filled, in a specific course selection process. Just copy the following address and paste it into the navigation bar:

Santa Marcelina College

The public notices can also be viewed, through this electronic address, in the São Paulo units of Perdizes and Itaquera. The entry into the fashion course will take place through an online selection process, comprising the knowledge that forms part of the common national curriculum of high school, to assess the competences and aptitudes of a candidate, to Higher Education.

Admission to this Faculty can also be done by Enem, with the candidate enrolled on the site, with his grade in ENEM, so that he can be searched, through his CPF or if he is not found, it will be able to present a copy of the Individual Performance Bulletin of the Bulletin, issued by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

Santa Marcelina entrance exam

Santa Marcelina College

In music courses, there is a Specific Music Competence Test, for candidates who are from any modality of the Bachelor of Music or Degree in Art Education course:

The music, of an eliminatory nature, consists of 2 phases, the first being a theoretical test and the second phase an interview that takes place online and through the Zoom application.

In Music Degree courses with instruments, it will be done in three phases, the first with a theoretical test, on the Moodle platform, the second phase is a practical test, with a musical instrument chosen by the candidate and the third phase is an interview. done online and by the Zoom application.

For more information consult your notice and start studying in 2021 at Faculdade Santa Marcelina.

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Get to know the University of Santa Marcelina entrance exam!

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