Meet the MBA course in Digital Marketing and where to find vacancies!

We live in a world increasingly managed by digital marketing. Is the real world mirroring the virtual world? Possibly. What matters in all of this is that we can no longer ignore this, and several marketings have already realized this.

Professionals who have a well-founded knowledge in marketing and the ability to make use of tools and good practices in the digital world are needed. Thus, we have the Digital Marketing MBA.

Meet the MBA Course in Digital Marketing

Aiming at digital marketing strategies, mainly related to social networks, search marketing and ad management. Its objective is to train professionals with a good theoretical foundation and wit to serve the market.

Today there are some renowned universities and colleges that offer this specialization, let’s see:


Digital Marketing MBA Course

The MBA in Digital Marketing for Business at PUCPR is aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals working in the Marketing area, specifically in the activities of advertising, publicity, creation of digital content, ad management, design, communication, creation of campaigns , e-commerce, customer relations, market prospecting and other activities related to the digital business.

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The course is also aimed at recent graduates and professionals with experience in the market. Its frequency is 8 hours per week, with classes twice a week. Its monthly fee is in the range of R $ 479.00.

The course is offered at the campus located in the city of Maringá, in person and lasts up to 17 months.


Digital Marketing MBA Course

The specialization in digital marketing management at Tuiuti University has the largest workload of specific online communication disciplines in the region of Curitiba. This course was developed with all the necessary content for a web professional to work in any area of ​​the web, starting with the understanding of the web, going through the techniques of interface design, content production, SEO, inbound marketing, application in business as e- commerce, e-business, games and mobile.

The target audience is people from the area of ​​social communication, marketing, administration and information technology, lasting 18 months, on the Barigui campus, in Curitiba-PR, with classes on Mondays and Tuesdays. The monthly fee is around 24 times 430.00.


Digital Marketing MBA Course

With the objective of developing professionals to work in the digital age, with a strategic vision and technical knowledge to plan creative and innovative actions in digital marketing and communication, the MBA from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing appears. The program aims to consolidate knowledge of marketing and digital communication within a contemporary vision and appropriate to the behavior of today’s society.

MBA course content

Fundamentals of Financial Management – Distance Education: facilitates the acquisition and organization of the fundamental concepts of corporate finance. Still, it involves concepts related to the value of money over time.

Analysis of the business environment – allows students to assimilate and request knowledge about business processes. It will be carried out through the study and construction of future scenarios, understanding the definition of companies in relation to the different environments with which it transacts.

Strategic Marketing – presents and deepens the main concepts of strategic marketing within a contemporary vision and appropriate to the business world.

Leadership and Team Management – allows the student to understand the importance of people in implementing the strategies of organizations. Completing the set of topics covered in the course are the people management model based on competences and the practice of feedback.

Digital Marketing – Aims to understand the fundamentals of marketing and digital culture and create conditions for understanding and managing the digital communication process, viral marketing, WEB marketing and mobile marketing.

Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship – Prepares professionals for a dynamic scenario where innovation and creativity characterize the competitiveness of leading companies and brands.

Search Marketing and Optimization – studies the research processes and tools on the internet, presenting possible SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, as well as understanding Internet user behavior.

Social Networks – deals with the phenomenon of social networks, especially those present in the digital universe, from the presentation of different models, typologies and existing structures, in order to assess the importance of their application in communication strategies.

And now that you know the MBA course in digital marketing and the institutions where it is offered, look for your place right now!

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Meet the MBA course in Digital Marketing and where to find vacancies!

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