What are the challenges of education in times of a pandemic?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, both basic education schools and several courses and colleges have their doors closed so that the virus does not spread.

However, many government officials hope that by 2021, educational institutions will be able to offer face-to-face classes again, although most people have not yet received the vaccine.

Of course, in order for this to be possible, everyone involved with Education will have to adapt to new forms of coexistence and educational establishments are already evaluating all the changes to receive students in greater volume.

Below, learn about some of the main adaptations that the Education sector will need to make so that the pandemic does not get out of control in its schools, courses and colleges.

Promote air circulation as much as possible

This measure, in fact, comes from before the coronavirus pandemic: every shared space must have sufficient air circulation to prevent the transmission of all types of viral diseases.

Education in times of pandemic

Therefore, schools will need to provide more fans, for example, in addition to keeping all doors and windows open for as long as possible.

It is worth mentioning that air conditioning cannot be seen as a solution to leave the airy environment, as it ends up harboring the coronavirus and causing it to spread even more.

The biggest challenge tends to be in the winter period: if the vaccination against COVID-19 does not occur by this season, students and professionals will have to fold their clothes.

Without sharing anything

Those who work with students know that they often share water bottles, for example: for them, just pass the shirt through the mouth of a bottle.

However, this practice will be banned in the midst of the society that lives with the coronavirus pandemic. Educational institutions will have to communicate to parents and students themselves that water bottles, for example, need to be individual.

Education in times of pandemic

It will be essential that the teacher and other professionals are attentive to rebuke students who are sharing objects for personal use.

Monitoring any sick person

Schools do not normally pay attention to students who cough or sneeze unless they are sick.

However, in a pandemic world, students and professionals who give evidence that they are not 100% healthy should receive follow-up to ensure that it is not a coronavirus contamination.

It is expected that those who have a lot of cough, for example, will be instructed to take a test and stay at home until they are sure that it is just a common flu, an allergy, etc.

One of the main problems will be the embarrassment and the fear that someone will sneeze because of a rhinitis attack or an episode of allergic cough. However, care to prevent coronavirus circulation in schools will have to overcome the limitation.

Required mask

Institutions that already receive some students for tutoring activities are strict in terms of ensuring that everyone is wearing a mask, including their employees.

Education in times of pandemic

For 2021, when face-to-face classes really happen again, nobody in the school environment should be without a mask and that includes Physical Education and recess.

When students are eating, they will be able to remove their mask, but without approaching their classmates or any employee.

Teachers will also have to keep their masks on, even when explaining.

Alcohol in gel

No educational institution can run out of alcohol on its premises. Therefore, hand sanitizer should be available to all students, professionals and anyone entering school for any reason.

The most recommended is that the institution try to offer the totem pole, where the person simply uses the foot to trigger the release of the alcohol gel.

More than leaving totems or bottles of alcohol gel available, it will be essential to reinforce to the students that they should always use the disinfectant before eating, after changing the masks and in other situations.

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What are the challenges of education in times of a pandemic?

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